Friday, May 15, 2009

Rebecca's graduation from Boston U

My daughter Rebecca will be graduating from Boston University tomorrow and I couldn't be more proud of her. She's graduating at the top of her class - summa cum laude - which is the highest honor the college awards. Financially it's been a long haul and Rebecca's worked two jobs to get through. But she never wavered in her determination to finish college. She went to several colleges, including Fairleigh Dickinson and College of New Jersey - and finally, due to work restraints, she ended up finishing her degree by taking online courses from Boston University. Here's an article she just finished writing about the advantages of online universities:

Advantages of Online Universities

She's thinking of continuing on to law school but will have to do some serious thinking about it because it will take her another four years going part time and continuing tuition payments. But with her background as a paralegal and her top ranking at Boston U, she may be able to get enough scholarships to see her way through.

But whatever she finally ends up doing with her degree, I'm sure she'll make good use of it. I couldn't be more proud! Here are a couple of photos of Rebecca with her boyfriend Justin.


ChezChani said...

I know you are so proud, and rightfully so. You raised her right, you get FULL credit :-)

Marie S said...

What a beautiful girl(woman), your heart must be exploding.

Linda said...

Congratulations. You're right to be proud. Top of the class.

Marjorie said...

Thanks so much, ladies! It was a very proud and special day for our family. :-)