Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Second Chance - Unique Fiber Art

Introducing another of our fabulous merchants in the Reclaimed to Fame Market on 1000 Markets, Jess of A Second Chance, who has shared her story with us:

"Just to let you know who I am... I’m an internationally touring teaching artist. What? One who travels 250+ days out of the year to perform (theatre, dance, music), teach those skills to others (pre K - professional), and produce/write music (3 cds to date, hear them at


"I’m co-founder of an educational physical theatre company, Creatively Independent, as well as co-founder of an Americana Indie music label, RoadWorm Music.

"A Second Chance is an extension of all that inspires me.  I find expressive, abandoned/discarded sweaters and imagine their lives.  I imagine what they can now become and who might be drawn to it.  My different arts have common threads: improvise, enjoy the moment, listen, see the big picture and soak in the details.

"Recycling, re-crafting and supporting charity stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army is how I try and make a difference.  While on the road so much, I come across some great vintage pieces that don't fit me... so why not spread the love?  Plus, 10% of all sales are donated to  See who's benefited already!

"I spend most of my time teaching others how to find and express their personal voice.  Now, I’m helping these pieces do the same for you."


A Second Chance


ChezChani said...

I've always been intrigued by the things people make out of sweaters. No knack for it myself unfortunately but it's a good thing there are people like Jess around to give them a new life.

Catwalk Creative said...

Congratulations to Jess! Not only does she find time to do all this wonderful re-working but gives back to charity as well. It's refreshing to hear and I'm thankful there are people like Jess around. Excellent work! xx

Donna Marie said...

Way to go Jess. Such a creative mind. Great work!!