Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Murano Glass Gifts

Discover the beauty of Murano Glassware by visiting Murano Glass Gifts' website. They offer affordable prices and a high quality selection of the finest imported Venetian glass art.

The master glass-blowers of Murano, Italy have kept to the age-old traditions of glass-blowing. Those traditions have only improved with time and today, as it did over a thousand years ago, the island of Murano stands as the center of Venetian artistry. The exceptional craftsmanship of these handcrafted artisans and their attention to detail is shown is each piece of Murano glass art. Read the extensive write-up that Murano Glass Gifts has included on their website to learn more about the long and impressive history of Murano glass work.

Murano Glass Gifts have chosen a wide selection of original artisan jewelry to include on their website. Their pendants, necklaces and earrings are exquisite and are a joy to behold. Own a piece of Murano history today or give one of these stunning pieces of artisan jewelry for a gift that will never be forgotten.

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