Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gabriella DeLawey Doll Art

As manager of the Reclaimed to Fame Market on 1000 Markets, I am very proud to have Gabriella DeLawey Doll Art as one of our talented merchants. Her art dolls are such a wonderful way to recycle found objects and I'm just fascinated with them! Here is her story:

"I have been "hooked" on figurative sculpture since January 2008. I took a class at John C. Campbell Folk School with NIADA Doll Artist, Akira Blount. I bravely attended her class for advanced doll makers reasoning my sewing, pattern making and former sculpting skills would suffice. As it turned out, the making of a needle sculpted doll and covering a needle sculpted doll head with paper clay was really hard!

"I was determined that I would pull it all together and give it a real go. My doll needed a little re-working once I returned home but it turned out great. The doll had a soul and that's when I knew I would be successful as a art doll artist.

"I qualify for Reclaimed to Fame Market because of the many items I recycle, especially in the costuming of the dolls. Several months ago, I started using reclaimed items as the body of the doll. Some items I used on dolls that have sold were candle sticks, perfume bottle, a bowling pin and thread spindles. Other items are leather gloves (they make great shoes), vintage hankies, linens, blouses, trims, jewelery and buttons. The list goes on and on. In fact I have even used the shirt off my back! Dolls are a wonderful art form for recycled items.

"Equally important for a successful doll is the "soul" as I mentioned above. Capturing the spirit of the doll is the real challenge. I love creating each character. I only make OOAK (one-of-a-kind) and I have vowed to never do a limited edition. The thrill comes when I make a doll and a buyer sees it and must have it. Or will email me because "she just couldn't get her out of her head". That's the best when someone gets my whimsy.

"Art becomes really fun when people love what you make and respect it enough to buy it. Artist need art admirers, collectors and critics to complete the circle (at least this artist needs all of the above)."

Ms. DeLawey makes her home in North Central Mississippi with her husband Joe, their dogs, Tucker and Maddie, and her Persian cat, Miss Lilly.

Artist Statement

"I am inspired by the fun I have making something out of nothing. I enjoy creating expressive characters and weaving a story using texture, fiber, color, expressions and body language. My medium is paper clay, cloth and reclaimed found objects. I hand make all of my costumes, wigs, and many of the props used.

"It is my intention to entertain and endear people with my characters, all of whom I find to be lovable, laughabl, and sweet."

Gabriella DeLawey Doll Art

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