Monday, May 24, 2010

Meet Dave Alden of Wolf Creek Millworks!

I'd like to introduce you to Dave Alden of Wolf Creek Millworks! We're proud to have him here at the Reclaimed to Fame Market. Here is his story:

My name is Dave Alden, owner/operator of Wolf Creek Millworks. I am a 46 year old computer technician by trade, though my intention is to transition into my wood business as soon as that is possible. I have experience with graphics design, printing technology, and computer repair professionally.

I am a jack-of -all trades at home. My shop is the result of my woodworking hobby gone crazy. I bought tools to build furniture because the commercially available stuff seems all to be made from "ticky-tacky" and definitely "looks the same" (can't remember who did that song-though). I found that real wood is very expensive, often lacks character (unless you're willing to pay even more), and can be difficult to find in certain size configurations. As I drove to and from work, I noticed lots of tree (or tree bits) laying about in people's yards, behind businesses, in burn piles at construction sites and thought it to be a waste. A little google searching led to the discovery of tools that can turn this waste into a raw material source for my hobby/ now business. I now use this source exclusively.

The items for sale in my shop are meant to be enjoyed for years and serve to recycle the previously ignored wood piles in our suburbs and semi-rural areas. It's like Christmas when we open up a log with the mill. We get to see something no one else has ever seen before, the inside of a tree. The wood with the most character is chosen for turnings and small boxes. Larger objects will be made from the less figured wood. Any waste from that operation is added to my son's firewood pile so at least someone can enjoy some warmth from it.

Stop by Dave's shop and check out his beautiful work.

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