Friday, May 21, 2010

Broken Waterford Crystal Jewelry

Just wanted to remind my readers about my broken Waterford Crystal jewelry - sometimes it gets lost in all the broken china and sea glass jewelry on my website!

The jewelry was designed using shards of a broken Glandore Waterford pitcher. The pitcher had a deep open diamond cut with a band of laurel leaf around the rim and a 16-point starburst on the bottom and was lovely. It's such a shame that it broke but that did give me a chance to create some very different jewelry from it.

Anyone familiar with Waterford crystal knows of its exquisite beauty. These photographs don't truly depict the colorful sparkle and shine of these crystals pieces. Whatever color is worn behind the pendant will reflect beautifully in it.

The prestigious name of Waterford reminds you of the ultimate luxury items, like diamond rings, Rolls-Royces and Armani clothing.

Each pendant comes with an 18" black velvet cord; but the bails are large enough that almost any of your favorite chains or cords can be used.

So stop by my website and see all of the unique broken Waterford Crystal jewelry available there.

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Almost Precious said...

That is so resourceful of you, it would have been a great waste to discard such beautiful crystal and what you have created from the fragments is gorgeous.