Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Perfect for Mother's Day

A customer recently gave me a broken china plate that I thought would make perfect Mother's Day pendants. The plate was from A Childhood Almanac Plate Collection "Giving Thanks" by Sandra Kuck. The plate depicted a lovely scene of two small girls worshiping in church.

I've designed four pendants from the plate, which are now available on my website. I'm sure there isn't a mother out there who could resist these angelic faces and hands.

Also new on my website and lovely for a Mother's Day gift or just because you love it is a new pendant designed from antique hand painted Nippon china. The gold decoration outlining the rose and on the border is really gorgeous.

There are lots more broken china, broken Waterford crystal and sea glass jewelry pieces available that would make lovely Mother's Day gifts on my website. So stop by and see what's available!


Giovanna said...

Hi Marjorie! This is Giovanna, I have you in facebook and also got from you the beautiful pair of earrings last year. I love your new creations!! You're so talented :)
I'm following you in your blog too. I also have a blog if you want to follow me or visit me:

ChezChani said...

Oh Marjorie, those are so lovely!