Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Featured on Body Icing By Jennifer

There's a great new website that has just gone live - Body Icing By Jennifer - that you should keep an eye on. Jennifer has created a site where jewelry artists can find information on their craft, whether it be "how to" tips, how to start a jewelry business or how to improve their current business. I just found a great tutorial on making ear cuffs there. She also has some jewelry-related articles up and has even started her own jewelry social forum. Plus she has a featured artist section and has very kindly featured yours truly!

Body Icing by Jennifer


Lana said...

I'm not into body jewelry mostly because it involves piercing and is more or less permanent. But I like this ear cuff because it can be taken off without leaving holes (that's what it seems like) Looks nice. I would wear it when I want to feel "hip" :)

Jonara Blu Maui said...

Did you make that earcuff? I know you have others right? That was a nice write up about you..congrats once again!

Marjorie said...

No, Jamee, that's not one of my ear cuffs - actually that's the ear cuff that Jennifer gives a tutorial on her website. Ear cuffs can be tricky and she gives quite a detailed tutorial.