Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Reclaimed to Fame Market!

I'm very pleased and proud to announce the newly formed Reclaimed to Fame Market on 1000 Markets. I joined 1000 Markets a couple of months ago and set up a shop there. I loved the look and concept of this new online marketplace. The idea behind 1000 Markets is to create a marketplace that is more than just a collection of products. They want to connect the artisan merchants with the people who love their products.

To visit 1000 Markets is like strolling through your favorite marketplace, only you don't need to leave your home to do it. In each shop, there is a place where you can post comments to the merchants. Some of the merchants also have blogs in their shops where you can read about them and their work and get to know them better. The shops are organized into different markets specializing in unique products.

I approached the owner of 1000 Markets, Matt Trifiro, with the idea of creating a market exclusively for recycled products. He told me what he needed to put it all together and I've been working with him on setting up the criteria for admission, finding appropriate merchants and working up a slogan and market policies. Christine Epstein of Oceano Sea Glass designed our beautiful banner. And yesterday it all went live!

At this time, we have 16 merchants in the market. We have outside art such as fire pits and birdhouses, clothing, jewelry, greeting cards and some fabulously inventive artwork. Each of the merchants was hand picked by me to ensure that shoppers in our market will find only unique, handcrafted recycled arts and crafts. If you're a shopper looking for something special that you won't find at your local mall, I know you'll be pleased with the assortment of products our market offers. Not only will you be buying something unique, but you'll be helping to contribute to the health of our world by buying recycled. If you're a merchant at 1000 Markets and sell only recycled products and would liked to be included in our market, please contact me.

Happy shopping, everyone!

Reclaimed to Fame Market


ChezChani said...

I'm very very impressed!! When I began crafting, my interests always started with me not wanting to throw stuff away, so I'd figure out crafty ways to reuse them. Even my candles began with the idea that I hated to throw candle stubs away. Now I use old wax as the chunks in new candles. Unfortunately I have not found a way to recycle in my beading. I don't do wirewrapping so I can't do anything like what you do. But I will always be a big fan of recycled arts and crafts.

Catwalk Creative said...

I'm popping over to 1000 markets right now for a browse. Thanks for the information. I shall place a link to it from my blog. I wish you well for 2009 and beyond! xx

Jonara Blu Maui said...

What an awesome opportunity to be such a big part of this..I love the idea of recycled art. I absolutely love going to our once a year trash art exhibit here at our Mall. I think your market will do awesome! I wish I were into the revamped vintage jewelry I want to do so badly so I could join! I started collecting old jewelry parts a while ago..but then life happened and I never got beyond that.

congrats on this..I"m excited for you!

Lou's addictions said...

I've been tagged on my blog, this was a fun one so Im tagging you too.

Zen Ventures said...

Great idea Marjorie. I'm sure there's a lot of them that uses recycled products. Congrats to these new endeavor!

Zen Ventures
Tosty Brown