Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just in time for Valentine's Day - new broken Waterford crystal pendants!

Here they are! My new broken Waterford crystal pendants! What a perfect way to start off 2009 with such an exciting new product. These pendants were designed from shards of a Waterford Glandore crystal pitcher. The pitcher had a deep open diamond cut with a band of laurel leaf around the rim and a 16-point starburst on the bottom.

Anyone familiar with Waterford crystal knows of its exquisite beauty. These photographs don't truly depict the colorful sparkle and shine of these crystal pieces. Whatever color is worn behind the pendant will reflect beautifully in it.

Crystal turned out to be a bit more difficult to work with than china. My fingers had more than their share of cuts by the time I was through! While china usually breaks into chunks, the crystal slivered. And unfortunately there were more wasted pieces with the crystal which is a shame because I only have the one broken pitcher to use. These are limited item since I won't be able to get too many pieces from this pitcher. I promised Ginny, the kind woman who gave me the broken pitcher, that I would design a pendant for her before her birthday. I couldn't be more grateful to her for giving me the opportunity to try something as unique as this.

I hope you like these as much as I do! There are all available on my website at Marjorie's Cracked Plate Jewelry Store.


Catwalk Creative said...

Marjorie, these are exquisite! So fabulous that you're making one for the lady that gave you the crystal pitcher. How thoughtful! These will make the perfect valentine gift or just a treat for yourself of course!

ChezChani said...

The cuts will heal but these gorgeous pendants will live forever!! Seriously, I think this is my favourite of your work. Everyone, break crystal!!!

Jonara Blu Maui said...

I am so amazed that you can figure out how to smooth these out and get usable pieces. They are just beautiful. I wish I could see them in person.

I have an award for your blog here come and pick it up! :D

Lou's addictions said...

Wow, love the pendants. I had a waterford crystal vase that broke years ago, I only wish I hadnt thrown it out but i wasnt attatched to it. I cant imagine how many cuts you would have had from this with all the little slithers that come off crystal (ouch).

Anonymous said...

Wow Marjorie!! These are truly beautiful! I love them!!

John Diamond Pendant said...

Marj, this diamond pendants are fascinating. Very lovey indeed. A perfect give for valentine for self or to your love ones. Thanks and keep posting.