Friday, January 2, 2009

A lovely Christmas story

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a custom order that I had finished for a customer and posted the photo of the wire crochet necklace and pendant that I made for her. I mentioned that there was more to the story but it had to wait until after Christmas so no surprises would be ruined.

This customer had written to me a couple of months ago telling me that her grandmother had passed away in August and she wanted me to design some jewelry from her grandmom's china. She had previously purchased a couple of my pieces from a local store, "World's Images".

Since she was local, we made arrangements for her to come to my house to work out exactly what she wanted. The night we met, her mom came with her. They ordered 7 pendants for their relatives whom they would see on Christmas Eve. Her mom also bought a crochet necklace with a yellow rose pendant.  6 of the pendants were to be wrapped in silver wire and one in gold because the one lady never wore silver. They left it up to me as to the designs of the pendants.

I designed each pendant differently so they would each have something unique. The mother and daughter came to pick them up and were thrilled with the results. They couldn't wait until Christmas to give their special gifts to their relatives. They felt that they were giving something truly special and close to their hearts. And I was just as excited as they were. Shortly after they left, the mom called me asking if she could come right back - she wanted one more pendant for another relative they didn't want to leave out, even though she never wore costume jewelry. 

That's the one that I created in the shape of a heart


I heard from the daughter today and here's what she wrote:

"The pendants were absolutely perfect!

As you can imagine, this Christmas was difficult without my grandmother. On Christmas Eve, my mom and aunt brought some of my grandmother's old photos to share with their cousins before dessert. After everyone was done looking at and talking about the pictures, my mom told them that she had a special gift that she wanted to give to them early. Everyone was really amazed by the pendants and by how they were made! And the cousin who my mom thought was least likely to wear the pendant was the most moved by it! She and everyone else put them on immediately!  

I can't thank you enough!"

It was such a pleasure to be able to make something that meant so much to this family for a holiday that was bound to be difficult for them. As much as I enjoy designing the pieces that I put on my website, custom orders that have special meaning to people like these is what I truly love to do.



Lou's addictions said...

That brought tears to my eyes, its gifts like that people will always treasure. Though I wouldnt call your work costume jewelry, To me that conjures images of mass produced items with no meaning or story behind them. With your work every piece has a story, whether we find that story out or not.

wakeupandlive said...

What a beautiful story! Thanks so much for sharing Marjorie!

ChezChani said...

That is wonderful, thanks for the story.

BTW I had to tag you in the photo game so check out my blog.

Avogana said...

Lou is right, that is NOT costume jewelry. Costume jewelry is a cheaply mass produced item. You are making one of a kind art. Costume jewelry has no meaning other that the sentiment that may come from the giver or perhaps the memory of where you wore it. Your jewelry has sentiment built in before it's even created.

Louise said...

I loved reading this Marjorie. It's so heart-warming. A beautiful story. Keep up the good work!

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