Friday, December 5, 2008

Article in Currents Magazine!

I wish my scanner was working - I'd love to scan and post the article Currents Magazine wrote about my jewelry. It's a very small article but I'm absolutely thrilled about it! Currents Magazine is a free magazine that's circulated to every home in Monmouth County, New Jersey. I believe it comes out every other month. It's packed full of local shopping suggestions, restaurant information, beauty and fashion tips, coupons, recipes, etc. Ads are quite expensive to take out in this magazine, at least to this small indie business owner, because it's mailed directly to 10,000 homes in Monmouth County. And here they've written up my jewelry in their "green" section in their holiday issue- for free! They even put a photo of one of my necklaces. Yonna Hall of Currents Magazine said that she loved the Marjorie's Cracked name and thought my jewelry would make great gifts for the holidays.

Thank you, Yonna! Currents Magazine is quite an environmentally conscious magazine and I'm very proud to be mentioned in it.


Jonara Blu Maui said...

How exciting! How did she find you? On the internet? Probably all that work you have done is finally paying off! This is great timing to get published in something so widely distributed..I hope you get lots and lots of sales!

Marjorie said...

Thanks, Jamee. Actually, there was a little note in the last Currents magazine saying that if you had a green business, they wanted to hear about it. So I sent off a quick little email, not really thinking much about it. And I heard the next day that she wanted to include a write-up about my jewelry. They have a whole section in each issue devoted to green issues and products. Only two artists were promoted this time - myself and a lady who creates artwork out of computer discs - quite interesting.

Zen Ventures said...

wow! congratulations for being featured. That's awesome!