Monday, November 10, 2008

The Artisan's Challenge - Please Vote!

I have an entry in this week's contest at The Artisan's Challenge - how very exciting! I'd very much appreciate your vote. If I win this week's challenge, I'll be eligible for the Annual Grand Champion Challenge held next month. The contest ends on Monday, November 17, 2008 at 9:00 a.m.

Thanks so much for your support.

The Artisan's Challenge


KitschKrafts said...

Hello Fellow Retro Handmade Teammate!
I wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog and your unique jewelry. I have even given you a blog award. Stop by when you get a chance and pick it up!

Take Care!

MagdaleneJewels said...

I saw your piece in the Artisan Challenge - absolutely beautiful. I looked at your shop. Do you just sell online or are you on etsy also?

Marjorie said...

Thanks so much for the blog award, kitschkrafts! I'll be picking it up soon.

And thank you too, magdalenejewels. Yes, I do have an Etsy shop with a few of my items.

Muddy said...

I've voted for you... beautiful pendant! :-)

ChezChani said...

Good luck, you know you got my vote!

Jonara Blu Maui said...

I voted for you..and you are winning so far! You deserve it if you do...that pieces is so beautiful!