Friday, October 31, 2008

Still lots of flowers in NJ

Since we had a very cold week with even frost a couple of nights, I was really surprised when I walked back to my garden last weekend. There were still lots of flowers out there. I know their days are numbered but it was nice to see that they had made it through the cold week.

I know one plant that loves the cold is the gerbera daisy. They always start blooming more this time of year. Here are a couple of mine. These are actually last year's gerbera daisies. They're considered an annual here in New Jersey but I brought them into the house last winter and they made it through. I'll probably dig a few of them up this weekend and bring them in.

And a few weeks ago, I found a black eyed susan plant lying in someone's gutter. It was pretty dried up but I saw a little green on it so I brought it home and planted it. I cut it back really good and in a matter of days, it started sending off new shoots. And it's rewarded me by blooming again - and it's absolutely not the time for black eyed susans to blooms in NJ! I like to think it's saying thank you for rescuing me. :-)

And there, of course, are fall mums,

canna lilies,


and zinnias.

And here's the last rose of summer!

Goodbye sweet flowers - see you in the spring. :-)


Jonara Blu Maui said...

You do still have a lot of flowers. I love gerbers..mine are blooming right now..they bloom really good..but the leaves are not as lush as yours. One of them has no leaves! Not sure whats going on with that.

The little Black eyed susan must have been greatful you saved her..that is so sweet :)

Sarah said...

How beautiful! I miss the flowers...ours are all gone.