Monday, September 22, 2008

Maui Hawaii Sea Glass Bracelet

Living on the Jersey Shore all my life, I have collected many pieces of sea glass over the years. Unfortunately, I didn't hang on to a lot of it, especially after my daughter grew up. Of course, now I seriously regret that since sea glass is not as easily found as it once was, due to the fact that we use much more plastic than glass these days. I wonder if sea plastic will ever have the allure that sea glass does. Hard to imagine! But I do have some sea glass left and I've made some jewelry with it to go along with the "cracked" theme of my website. After all, sea glass is actually broken or cracked bottles that have been naturally formed and smoothed by the sea. And I've always loved the beauty of natural sea glass.

Then a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of receiving some sea glass from a fellow jewelry designer and friend from Maui, Hawaii. I've always dreamed of visiting Hawaii one day and couldn't have been happier to receive genuine Maui sea glass. To learn more about my friend, Jamee Jones, and her beautiful Hawaiian beach wedding jewelry, see the feature that was posted on this blog on 8/13/08. Here's the first jewelry piece made from Jamee's Maui sea glass, made with gold artist wire. The bracelet is 7" long (it can be made longer if you'd like - just let me know) and is available now on my website at


Jonara Blu Maui said...

Oh cool! It's beautiful! I'm so glad those pieces got to be used finally! They were doing no good all packed away here. Were prettier on the beach before I snagged them and stuck them away. Now you've made them shine!

RE: your comment on my blog..I think they should give you a crack at wrapping that diamond! lol! Why not?

Catwalk Creative said...

These are just beautiful. The colours are so gorgeous! Love them!

Lou's addictions said...

ooohhh, i love it, i'm not one for wearing jewelry much myself ( i only like making it really) but this is something i would wear a lot.