Friday, August 22, 2008

Ocean Grove Giant Craft Show

Another craft show is coming up! This one's in historic Ocean Grove. What a beautiful seaside resort Ocean Grove is. So many lovely gingerbread houses and bed and breakfasts. And the amazing Auditorium with the huge organ and the American Flag that lights up where so many fabulous concerts are held (my mom and I will be there tomorrow night to see The Irish Tenors). I have so many wonderful memories of Ocean Grove. My high school graduation took place in the Auditorium. I even lived there for a short while when I was a child. I remember my friends and I dancing and singing down the middle of the streets on Sundays. Years ago, Ocean Grove didn't allow cars to be driven on its streets on Sundays. You had to park in Asbury Park and walk into the Grove. Oh, it was so peaceful and beautiful!

And now this enormous craft show! It will be held on Ocean Pathway (between the Auditorium and the Boardwalk Pavilion) running from Ocean Avenue to Central Avenue. I'll be there with my broken china and sea glass jewelry.

And my cousin Frederica Castle will be sharing the booth with me. She is a very talented artist who lives in Ocean Grove whose works can be found at the Main Avenue Galleria in, of course, Ocean Grove! (We just love everything about this town!) Freddi's a member of the Guild of Creative Art in Shrewsbury, NJ, and the Manasquan River Group of Artists in Manasquan, NJ. Here's the link to the art gallery webpage where you can see just how talented Freddi is.

Frederica Castle at The Main Avenue Galleria

So if you're anywhere near Ocean Grove on August 30th, don't miss this opportunity to check out one of the largest craft shows in the area. And I hope you'll stop by and say hi to me and Freddi. Please forgive me, friends, if I'm not online much for the next week. I have a lot to do to get ready for the big day! Hope to see some of you there.

Ocean Grove Giant Craft Show
Ocean Pathway
Ocean Grove, NJ
Sat., August 30, 2008
Rain or Shine
9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Link to more info


ChezChani said...

Would I not love to attend an event like this! Freddi does amazing work, must run in the family. Best of luck at the show.

Marjorie said...

Thanks! Wish you could be there too. :-)

Jonara Blu Maui said...

how exciting for you! And this sounds like a place that your beach glass pieces will do well at. I've got your package of Maui beach glass ready to go...just have to address it. I don't know if it will get there in time for you to make anything before your fair..but if it does that sure would be cool!

And your cousin has beautiful paintings! I love her hibiscus ones of course ;-)

Marjorie said...

I'll be looking for your package, Jamee! That would be cool if I could have some Maui sea glass at the show. We get a lot of tourists to our beach resorts and my shell and sea glass pieces would be a perfect thing for them to take home as souvenirs of their visit to the shore. If I get your glass in time, they can take a bit of Hawaii home with them too! xoxx

Tina Taber said...

It sounds like a lovely place!

Wish I could go and visit you there. Have a great show, can't wait to hear about it.