Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sara Gruen's Fund for Horses

Sara Gruen's book, "Water for Elephants", has become hugely popular and has done much to increase awareness of the suffering inflicted on circus animals.  Hers is a story that will remain in people's memories and hopefully will help bring about change in the lives of circus animals in the future.

I stopped by her website to see what she was up to and was pleased to see that she has a new book coming out in 2009 called "Ape Lessons".  I was even more pleased to read about the fund she helped to co-found called the Fairfield Equine Hay Fund.  Here's a little of what her website says about it:

Sara is one of the co-founders of a hay drive to aid horses in the southern U.S. Severe drought conditions have led to a critical hay shortage and loss of pasture. Horses are starving to death, being slaughtered, or simply set loose. Rescue organizations and foster homes are overwhelmed. YOU CAN HELP.

Please read her more detailed account of the problem horses are facing in drought areas where owners are turning them loose to fend for themselves because they have nothing to feed them or are turning them over to slaughter houses for the same reasons and please send a donation to the fund at their website at:

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