Sunday, June 22, 2008

My cracked plate jewelry sign!!

I had asked my daughter (she's truly the artistic one in the family) to work up a sign for me to use when and if I take my jewelry to craft shows.  I don't know how she found time to do it between her full time job as a real estate paralegal and her college courses, but there was a knock on my door tonight and there she was with the finished sign.  And I love it!  It's cracked - just like my jewelry!  Because of the sea glass I've now included in my work (and I think because she loves the ocean so much!), she created a mosaic-like scene of the ocean crashing on rocks.  It's wild - it's funky - and it's sure to catch people's eye.  Now I have even more incentive to get cracking and make arrangements to take my jewelry to a craft show.

Thank you, Rebecca Elizabeth!!


ChezChani said...

That is absolutely fabulous!

Sarah said...

This is so cool!! You have a very talented daughter!