Monday, February 27, 2012

Newest St. Patrick's Day Pendant

I did get a bit of a late start this year but I'm working to bring you some new St. Patrick's Day broken china jewelry. Here's the latest - hope you like it!

The pendant can be purchased at my website. Check out my other St. Patrick's Day pieces there, too!


Shpangle said...

Beautiful as always Marjorie, the St. Patricks day china is lovely but your wire work is stunning!

Hope you are well


Marjorie said...

Thanks so much, Mick - appreciate it.

rosewendy said...

I love your wire wrapping. It sets the piece off so nicely.

Anonymous said...

Wow! The pendant is really elegant. This is good as the scrap gold . I love how you carefully wrapped those wires to cover the entire pendant. It really looks great. You are so patient in doing that. Great work!