Monday, January 2, 2012

Featured on Shpangle's Blog - How Nice!

Mick of Shpangle Jewellery contacted me shortly before the holiday and asked if he could mention my jewelry on his blog. What a nice honor indeed! He has posted the blog article - here it is:

Shpangle Jewellery Blog

As you can tell from the spelling of Shpangle Jewellery, Mick is from the UK. He specializes in creating jewelry that will preserve your memories. He can take almost any small item that you send him - a flower, photo, lock of hair, a piece of wedding dress, etc. - and encase it in resin, thereby designing a truly unique, personal piece of jewelry. We have a similar love of preserving the memories of our customers - and of recycling old into new. Recently, Mick has also used some small shards of china in a pendant for one of his customers, as you can see below. Beautiful, isn't it?

Thank you, Mick, for such a lovely mention on your blog!


Artsy Mermaid said...

that is beautiful! fyi. i'm a new follower!

Marjorie said...

Nice to meet you! :)