Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Meet Tin Can Sally!

Meet Tin Can Sally, our newest merchant in the Reclaimed to Fame Market at 1000 Markets!

After spending more than a decade as a three dimensional artist in the New York City area, artist Sarah Kilvert decided to pursue a lifelong interest in metal sculpture after relocating to Maine in 2001. Quite by accident, she began making copper switch plates simply because she was frustrated by the ugly plastic switch plates that ruined the beautiful silvery-gray pine walls on her porch. In the midst of that project, she stumbled upon old advertising tins tucked away in her attic. Instantaneously, an idea was born!

Following the discovery of the concept of switch plates made from old tins, Sarah began researching methods of making these, perfecting each step in the process and finding the proper tools. After several months of research, tools were purchased and the first switch plate was made in late 2003. Shortly, thereafter, Sarah began finding tins at yard sales, online and through friends and relatives and began building a large inventory of switch plates. A local store quickly expressed interest in selling them and the switch plates became a huge hit!

In early 2004, Sarah branded the switch plates “Tin Can Sally” and created a website, selling them online. In addition to single and double switch plates, Tin Can Sally added outlet covers, GFCI or rocker covers, push button switch plates and, most recently, triple switch plates all made from old tin cans. Sarah currently sells her Tin Can Sally products on ArtFire, eBay and 1000 Markets. In 6 years, Tin Can Sally has recycled thousands of tins, keeping them out of the landfills and beautifying homes all across the United States and Canada. Sarah will continue to make switch plates from old tins as long as tins are available. They have been increasingly hard to find. Hopefully, there will be enough tins to keep Tin Can Sally going for many years to come.

Stop by and visit Tin Can Sally at http://www.1000markets.com/users/tincansally.


Kokopelli said...

How cool is that? I love reycling designs. Especially when something so beautiful is the outcome. Sadly they're not suitable for European switches.

ChezChani said...

Those are great and so is that name!

Miss Val's Creations said...

What a fantastic idea. Such a great use of vintage tins!!!

לובה said...

that's a great idea, I love the new Eco trend!