Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Newest member of the family!

Now that I'm doing the paralegal work at home instead of the office, I thought it was time for me to get a dog. But my home is small and I do have two cats so I thought I would probably get a smaller dog. I saw a beautiful cocker spaniel at the Humane Society in Tinton Falls on their website and decided to go there on Saturday to meet "Sparky". Well, Sparky turned out to be one of the largest cocker spaniels I had ever seen and was very "sparky" and hyper. Really beautiful though. So I asked that she be taken into the cat room to see how she responded to cats. That didn't work out well at all. A cat hissed at her and she went berserk. So poor Sparky went back into her cage.

There were so many dogs and cats there and all desperately needing a home that I didn't know which way to turn first. There was a miniature collie who had caught my eye so I headed back to the main office to find out more about him. When I walked into the lobby, I saw a young couple holding a cat carrier and both were crying. The man saw me and asked if I had come there for a cat. They were bringing in an 11-year-old cat, Belle, because their 3-1/2-year-old daughter had allergies and asthma. The man took Belle out of her carrier and put her in my arms. Belle just buried her head under my arm. He told me all about her, what a good cat she was, how clean and healthy she was. They even had paperwork of all her shots and a certification from her doctor that she was in good health. He said that he knew that Belle wouldn't have a chance at the pound, being as old as she is. They were both obviously heartbroken about parting with Belle. I just couldn't let them put her in one of those cages after holding her so I decided to take her. I hadn't even seen her face, which was still buried under my arm. We exchanged names and telephone numbers so I could let them know how Belle makes out in her new home.

I got Belle home and set her up temporarily in just one room until she got used to the house and my other cats could accept her. What a sweetheart of a little cat she is. And what a beauty! She's so small - only 7-1/2 pounds. I'm used to my huge lion of a cat, Dickon, and Patches is a Maine Coon and larger than Belle. Belle has beautiful calico coloring and a square bib on her chest. Very gentle and very loving. And of course, very frightened and confused at first. But now she's eating and purring and exploring the house. She's very brave! I'm having quite a problem with Dickon. He is not happy about Belle at all. I may have to keep them apart for quite awhile but I'm hoping that, even if they never become friends, eventually he'll be able to tolerate having her around. I feel so sorry for her - losing her home and family like that. She's going to need a lot of love and care to make up for it.


Catwalk Creative Vintage said...

I'm quite tearful after reading about little Belle. She's such a darling little thing. I'm so happy she's found a loving home with you. How lucky for her previous owners too. I think it was fate that brought you together. Don't worry too much about your other cats. They always take a while to accept each other and I'm sure Dickens will come around eventually. They're so territorial. Perhaps some extra special treats for your other cats - catnip toys or anything to make a fuss. :)

Cocker Spaniels are renowned for being completely 'bonkers' although they're such lovely dogs. You've done the right thing. Please keep us posted with more photos later on. I'd love to know how you're getting on - and the cats!

Giovanna ♥ said...

Dearest Marjorie,
You're wonderful! This story is very touching, I image how sad that couple felt about their little cat.
Belle is so beautiful, I'm sure the other cats will accept her soon, she's just adorable.

Marjorie said...

She certainly is a sweet little cat. So loving and gentle. And she "talks" a lot! I hope Dickon comes around soon and accepts her so I don't have to keep them apart. Thanks for stopping by and posting, dear ladies!

ChezChani said...

She is GORGEOUS! Having recently taken in a 3rd accidently myself, I immediately teared up reading this. My new one isn't getting along too well with the others but I just let them deal with it. I dream of a day when I go to bed with all 3 of them!

Marjorie said...

That's exactly what I dream of, too, Elayne! I think it's going to be a long time before that happens though. But who knows, cats can be surprising!

Kokopelli said...

She's a beauty! And a very lucky cat to find such a good home at once! I have two tiger cats who are sisters and even they have issues with accepting each other. So it'll take time. But don't worry too much.

Marjorie said...

Thanks for the encouragement! I still have to keep them apart but I think I already see a bit of mellowing between them.

Mem said...

Awe Majorie she is so cute. She doesn't look old at all. Still has a sparkle in her eyes. I was almost crying by the time I got to the end of the story but I believe nothing happens by mistake and you were meant to be in Belle's life and her in yours. I can only imagine how happy that family must be knowing that their beloved family member is with someone who will love her and take good care of her.

You are a sweetheart and I think soon your cats will come to know and love Belle. Some things just take time.

Hugs, Mem

Marjorie said...

Thanks so much, Mem. I talked to the people who gave Belle to me today and the woman told me that I was their "Christmas angel" and that they were so relieved that Belle ended up in a loving home. That was so nice of her. Now if only Dickon could feel some of that love for Belle, all would be wonderful! Hopefully, time will heal any upset that he feels.