Monday, September 14, 2009

Set the Table - Vintage Tableware & Linens

I've met many wonderful people since I started my adventure as a jewelry designer. One of the nicest is Del Hylton of Set the Table. I had designed some jewelry from a beautiful Richard Ginori plate that I had found. The name was written on the back

of the china but to me it looked like Richard Ginon china, so that's what I had on my website and my blog. I couldn't understand why I couldn't find any reference to Richard Ginon china on the internet. It was such beautiful china. Then I received an email from Del Hylton who very kindly told me that the correct name of the china was Richard Ginori. I was truly grateful to Del for setting me straight and saving me from some embarrassment.

Now I have another reason to be grateful to Del. I just received the most delightful box of china from her today. She sent me a Richard Ginori plate, a lovely pink plate with beautiful flowers on it, a Woods & Son plate from England with vibrant flowers all over it, three lovely bowls and a set of six Stafford napkins rings. I'm thrilled - she couldn't have sent me anything nicer. Diving into that box of china goodies made it feel just like Christmas morning as I pulled out one treasure after another.

I took photos of the china that Del sent me and was going to post it to this blog. But I'd rather post some photos of the lovely things that Del has available in her shop - Set the Table - Vintage Tableware & Linens. Del has a lovely shop in Orlando, Florida and has such beautiful vintage china tableware available, along with gorgeous vintage linens. I've added a few photos here but she has lots more on her MySpace page at

So stop by Del's page at MySpace and say hi and check out all of her beautiful items. You can't possibly go wrong doing business with someone like Del who has shown such kindness to me, a complete stranger.

I'll be posting more about the china Del sent me and posting some photos of it and the jewelry designed from it.

Thank you so much, Del - you're the best!


Catwalk Creative Vintage said...

If I'm not mistaken, I think I purchased the Richard Ginori necklace from you. It's beautiful Marjorie as are all the pieces you've chosen from Del of Set the Table. I'll pass this link onto a friend of mine who just loves this type of tableware. Thanks for sharing as always! said...

I love anything vintage and these are no exception, I enjoyed my visit. thanks! Suzie. xxx