Friday, July 3, 2009

Italian Richard Ginori china makes beautiful jewelry!

One of the most beautiful pieces of china I've found since I began to design broken china jewelry is a Richard Ginori plate from Italy. The plate I bought was cracked badly but was still beautiful. Full of lovely, bold flowers and designs, I'm sure it was absolutely gorgeous in its day. I've made quite a few pieces of jewelry from that one plate. And here's my latest - a charm bracelet with blue crystal beads.

A funny story - the name of the plate on the back was handwritten and I thought it said "Richard Ginon". Since it was such a beautiful plate, I was surprised that I couldn't find out anything about Richard Ginon china on the internet. For the first several months I was talking about the particular pieces made from this china, I was telling everyone it was Richard Ginon china. Until one day someone took pity on me and set me straight, telling me that the correct name was Richard Ginori china! I'm very grateful to him for that. When I looked up Richard Ginori china, there it was all over the web, as it's very well known.

The bracelet is 7" long but I can either lengthen or shorten it, according to your wishes. The pendant measures 1" x 1".

This charm bracelet can be found on my website at Marjorie's Cracked Plate Jewelry.

I have also have a matching necklace available on my website.


Giovanna said...

Beautiful work Marjorie!! I love the story of the name :)
The whole work with the wire and the pendant is just perfect, so beautiful!!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the lovely comment!

ChezChani said...

Yes, it does make beautiful jewelry, in your hands of course!