Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Featured on Eco-Friendly Market's Blog!

How very nice of Claire of Copabananas to feature my shop, my butterfly necklace and the Reclaimed to Fame market on her posting on the Eco-Friendly Market's blog at 1000 Markets! She's written a fabulous piece connecting members of the Eco-Friendly Market with different markets at 1000 Markets. Matt, the CEO of 1000 Markets liked it so much that he has featured it on their Community Page, too. Thanks so much, Claire.

Eco-Friendly Market Blog

Claire has a fabulous shop at 1000 Markets, too. Here's what she says herself about her shop:

"I repurpose familiar items and hope it makes people look at them in a new and greener way. Whether it's cardboard packaging, plastic shopping bags, vintage sewing patterns, or lost gloves, I'm always making something new from something used in an effort to green our lives."

She also has a website at website: http://www.copabananas.com/

Look at this fabulous little bird she fashioned from a vintage tea towel.

And there's this marvelous wreath designed from hundreds of pieces of vintage cloth.

And of course what Claire is best known for are her fabulous sock monkeys!

So visit Claire's shop soon and see all the unique products she offers.

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