Saturday, March 21, 2009

The wonder of sea glass

I realized today that whenever I talk about Marjorie's Cracked Plate Jewelry, I usually mention the broken china work that I do. And lately the Waterford crystal pieces I've added. But I haven't talked about my sea glass jewelry in quite some time and since warmer days will soon be on their way, I thought I devote a blog to sea glass.

I think the intrigue of sea glass is that, when you find a glittering piece on the shore, you can only imagine the places that piece of glass has been to. Tossed into the sea, the glass was swept along on tides, rolled with the waves, nudged by the fish, gently rubbed on the sand and was rollercoasted during storms. For years and years, sometimes as many as 50 - 70 years or more, the glass was broken down into smaller pieces and those pieces were worn and smoothed and shaped by the ocean and sand. And then the ocean gave it to you to find on the shore.

True authentic sea glass has a beautiful frosted sheen. It's become harder to find these days when more containers and bottles are made from plastic than glass. But if you're diligent and have a good eye, you can still find these jewels on beaches. Most of the sea glass found in stores and online today is tumbled sea glass, which is artificially created in tumbling machines. All of the sea glass jewelry shown on this page are designed from authentic sea glass found of the shores of New Jersey. And all of these pieces are available on my website at


Mem said...

Such pretty jewelry Marjorie! I just saw your post. You should come in and play with us! We would love to have you! The forum is open to everyone and we are getting ready to play some market games:)

Have a great night,

Catwalk Creative said...

These are really exquisite pieces. I've never found stones like this - you must have a remarkable eye! Beautiful.

From Rags To Bags said...

I love sea glass, I have quite a few bits I have gathered and made into jewellery over the years. Love the different coloured glass in the bracelet - very pretty.


From Rags To Bags said...

I love sea glass, I have quite a few pieces I have gathered over the years and made into jewellery. I love the different coloured glass you used in the bracelet - very pretty.


Kokopelli said...

Very nice pieces! Are you on Lisl's Ning-Network about sea glass?

Marjorie said...

No, I'm not on any sea glass nings, Kokopelli. I'm afraid I've been letting the promotion of my sea glass pieces slide. Where can I find the Ning group?

Kokopelli said...

You can find the ning network on Joining is free and without approval process. So make sure to say hello if you decide to join! Thanks for visiting my blog!