Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Such a lovely article by Etsy Cottage Style!

What a beautiful article the Etsy Cottage Style group wrote about my jewelry! Here's the link:

Marjorie's Cracked About Her Craft

This is such a friendly and helpful group. They made me feel welcome right away. And now they've written such a lovely article. And isn't their blog the most beautiful you've ever seen?! Here's what they say about their group:

We are a group of women, artists and sellers of the beautiful, whimsical Cottage Style. We are not an Etsy Street Team, but a loving, supportive community of like minded talented women. If you love the Shabby, Romantic, Whimsical, Cottage style, and sell on Etsy come pay us a visit and apply for membership at "Etsy Cottage Style". If you love to shop, like most of us do, you will find lots of cottage style boutiques to shop at right here.

Thank you, Sherry of Etsy Cottage Style! :-)


sherry smyth said...

We are happy to do this Marjorie. As you so nicely quoted, we are a very warm and friendly group of women who love to share about our art/craft, promote and support one another. It's a pleasure to have you as part of our group!

Lynn said...

You bring tears to my eyes Marjorie, happy tears that is :) Thank you for the wonderful comments on our group, we strive to make people feel right at home and welcome, and we are all about supporting each other as Sherry said. Your jewelry is gorgeous, and love , love , love Sherry's article on you, she's the best !

ChezChani said...

Sounds like a great group, and they obviously have great taste. They also sound like an Etsy Street Team though they deny it LOL

Sarah said...

What a nice group! And a nice write up!