Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm Twittering!!

OK, I finally bit the bullet and joined up at Twitter.  I have no followers yet so I can't really twitter yet, can I?  My Twitter name is marjoriecracked (marjoriescracked is what I wanted but it was too long so I had to shorten it!)

Would you like to follow my Twitter?  Please do so - then I can start twittering too.

And if you'd like me to follow you, just post a comment here and I'm your loyal follower.  So then I can see how YOU twitter so than I can know how I should twitter.  How good a Twitterer I will be remains to be seen.  

Happy Twittering to all!  :-)


ChezChani said...

It's about time you became a proper Twit. I am following you and you are following me. I'm not very interesting but I do Twitter everyday for varying amounts of time.

Anonymous said...

I'm following you now :) I'm a new twitterer too :)

Zen Ventures said...

Hey about time you do and I'm following you so you have followers now :) I hope to see you more often in Twitterland and if you need help, I'm here! I also have posted a collection of twitter tools in my blog if you want to check it out if you haven't already :)