Friday, November 7, 2008

EtsyVeg Team Feature

This is certainly the week for Etsy Team features for my jewelry! The EtsyVeg Team, a very friendly team of Etsy sellers who believe strongly in a vegetarian lifetsyle, have posted a feature on their blog at:

Kylie, the member who interviewed me, wrote so nicely about my jewelry that I have to repeat a bit of it here:

"Complex swirls, wraps, and twists of wire woven into delicate cradles for sea treasures and for the loveliest of china fragments- that's just a sampling of the gorgeous jewelry creations you'll find in Marjorie's shop."

It's very encouraging to be part of teams on Etsy where sellers work together to promote and support each other. I hope to have time to fully participate in each of the groups I'm a member of.

Thank you, EtsyVeg Team!


Zen Ventures said...

Yes they were right when they said that. I do admire your work too, you put life and attitude on all your creations. I also admire you for the fact that you have the same fervor and appreciation of others works and featuring them in your blog is just wonderful of you.

Keep up this wonderful generosity! :)


Lou's addictions said...

Thanks for tagging me on your blog. I'm hoping to get a chance to update my blog soon and mention it. Great features too.