Monday, September 15, 2008

Catwalk Creative for everything Vintage!

I've met a lot of wonderful people since beginning my adventures in the jewelry world. And one of the nicest and most helpful and knowledgeable people I've met is Louise Sleigh of Manchester, United Kingdom, the owner of Catwalk Creative, an online vintage store.

Louise has a truly wonderful eye for fashion. Read through her blog or browse through her store and you can feel her passion for all the styles, clothing and accessories that make women feel more beautiful. She's a very detailed oriented person, which can be seen from her attention to details on her website at She includes photographs of each item and full and complete measurements. If there are any tiny imperfections at all in the garment, Louise will mention them. There are no surprises when ordering from her. She makes sure that you know exactly what you're buying. And her prices are so affordable!

One of the most interesting blogs out there is Louise's. Keep your eye on her blog and you'll be kept up-to-date on all of today's fashions.

Louise's Catwalk Creative Blog

If you're looking for that special one-of-a-kind outfit and would like to wear a bit of history in the bargain, check out Louise's store. Together with the vintage clothing and accessory line, Louise runs a dress agency with designer labels. She's a member of vintage Fashion Guild (VFG) and the eVintage Society. And you'll know that when dealing with her, you're dealing with an honest and knowledgeable vendor. I highly recommend her!

She can tell you more about herself and her vintage business - here's her interview with The Fashion Birdcage:

The Fashion Birdcage Interview

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Jonara Blu Maui said...

what a cool place. I used to look up this one site all the time just because I love her vintage's called Freckle Wonder. Her pics are fun too. I think vintage is super cool..I have not the talent though to figure out what looks good on me. Catwalk creative looks like she helps you to see how to fit it in, in todays fashion. I'm gonna keep checking her site..thanks for the tip!

Thank you for your comment too :) and actually the dangle fish bead is meant to's another bead that is turned the wrong way. He's just not swimming with his siblings but going his own way lol!