Saturday, August 2, 2008

New Sea Glass Video

I just set up a video for my sea glass jewelry last night. I don't have video equipment so used One True Media to make it. I've been wanting to do one for my sea glass jewelry for some time now. I put my broken china one up on YouTube about 3 months ago and it's had almost 600 views which pleases me no end! The videos aren't too professional but it's kind of neat to be able to showcase my jewelry on YouTube.

Here's the YouTube link if you'd like to give it a rating. :-)

YouTube Sea Glass Jewelry Video


elizabeth said...

Love the video! Your jewelry is really beautiful. I love that you crochet with metal. I've been knitting with metals for a long time and love the look. Good luck with your craft show. Someday I'll get my nerve up and do one too.

Jonara Blu Maui said...

Love the sea glass! You have so many different gorgeous pieces with so much! I really love the one with the chain stitch wire around it..that is cool!

Guess what? I've just tagged you! Go to this post on my blog to see your instructions :)

ChezChani said...

Your stuff is really wonderful. I believe it was you who first introduced me to Onetruemedia and I've quite enjoyed it, so thanks so much!!!