Thursday, August 14, 2008

Featured Artist of the Month

One of the nicest things about entering the world of jewelry design is meeting so many wonderful artists. Learning from them and being inspired by them has been invaluable to me. I would like to feature a different artist each month here on my blog in appreciation for all they've given me.

The first artist I've chosen to feature is Jamee Jones of Maui, Hawaii. Jamee is a wonderfully talented jewelry artist specializing in beach wedding jewelry. She's gaining quite a reputation for creating jewelry of exceptional quality and beauty. Here's one elegant example of her work.

Together with her sister, Kimberlee Aihara, Jamee is the owner of Jonara Blu Maui, with two online stores - one at Ruby Lane and one at Etsy.

In addition to her lovely beach wedding jewelry, Jamee is known for her "fresh and funky beaded jewelry with an island twist". Look at the glorious colors of the beads she uses in this one.

And of course, being in Maui, she creates jewelry that's inspired by the ocean, like this fabulous necklace.

Jamee is also a moderator of the Beadingaholics Yahoo Group where she gives advice and encouragement to other jewelry designers on a daily basis. I know I'm not the only one who benefits from her help and example.

Thank you, Jamee, for being the inspiration that you are.


ChezChani said...

Fine choice of an artist to spotlight. Her work is absolutely beautiful as are the photos. Makes me want to go to Hawaii, well honestly I wanted to go before but even more now!

Jonara Blu Maui said...

Oh my goodness lol!!! I just came over here to check your blog and wow..there I am! That must be why I got a message through facebook (I'm so behind on my facebook stuff by the way)

You are too sweet though! And this is such a cool suprise!! Thank you! ((BIG HUGS AND LOTS OF ALOHA!))

Zen Ventures said...

wow! congratulations Jamee! you are such a superstar. You make me green with envy! ha. Marjorie I like your stuffs too. They're cool!

Belle Adorn said...

Jamee is so talented and deserving of such an honor! She is so sweet and helpful too, as you have said. What a nicely written article.

Your own work is quite amazing. Talk about unique, I love the idea of getting use out of old china and making a lovely piece of jewelry from it. Your wire wrapping is beautiful as well as your crocheted wire. Tina

Sarah said...

Jamee is so deserving of this! Her jewelry is absolutely amazing!

Jonara Blu Maui said...

Wow..I'm blushing seeing all the wonderful comments! Total pick-me-up for sure!

Marjorie said...

Thanks so much, Maricris and Tina, for your comments on my jewelry. How nice that writing about Jamee's beautiful jewelry has led me to meet both of you too!