Friday, July 25, 2008

Fabulous hummingbird guests

For me, one of the most enjoyable summertime happenings is the return of hummingbirds to New Jersey. Nothing pleases me more than to see one of those tiny little visitors stop by my garden. And it makes my whole summer a delight if one or two decide to stay for any length of time.

For some reason, sightings have been few this summer. But last summer I had two little ones stay the whole summer. All the day drew to a close, they’d come and sit on the fence near the feeder and would stay there almost until dark, occasionally going to the feeder for a sip of sugar water. One stayed into October and would sit on the fence with the cold wind ruffling his feathers. Finally he too said goodbye.

I was hoping they’d return this summer but my neighborhood has gotten noisier and, while I saw one or two at the feeder one weekend in June, I think a very wild pool party in the yard in back of mine scared them away. But I keep replacing the sugar water hoping for their return.

Here are some photos I took last summer of my special visitors.


ChezChani said...

My aunt has has a hummingbird have her babies in a hanging planter on her back patio for the last 2 years. She spends many an hour standing there watching. It's so cool.

Sarah said...

Great pictures! Aren't they wonderful little things? This is my first year with hummingbirds and I'm in love!

Jonara Blu Maui said...

They are such amazing little awesome that you had them all summer last year. They look so pretty sipping the nectar out of those awesome flowers too! Bummer about your neighbors scaring them away :\