Sunday, July 6, 2008

Birdcage for jewelry display

I found a fabulous little ornamental birdcage today that I'm hoping to use in my jewelry display in upcoming craft shows. Another garage sale find! Even has a little pink bird in it. My first thought was that I would drape jewelry around the outside of it. But I'm not sure if the jewelry will show up well on it. It might show up better if I painted the cage white. I'll have to find some pretty flowers to use on it and take out what's in there. If it doesn't do well as a jewelry display, I can still use it on the table to pretty things up.

I love it! Doesn't it have great possibilities? Let me know if you have any ideas for it. Sometimes creating a display for your jewelry can be even more challenging than creating the jewelry itself!


ChezChani said...

Great idea! I love creative, inexpensive display ideas. Can't wait to see it at work.

HJ Inspirations said...

I love that, i think painting it white or even off white would show everything off just perfectly. You could try making some little wire hooks and hanging pieces from the top rim of the cage. Or even using hooks to help pieces drape around the cage at different points.