Monday, June 16, 2008

Some new jewelry - a bit different from usual

I tried a few different kind of things today and wanted to share them with you.

I've done quite a few wire wrapped rings, both with broken china and with sea glass.  They're pretty much all done the same way, only with different color wire.  I think wire crochet can lead to more versatility in my rings and I'm excited about trying different versions.  Here's today's design.

This shell has the most beautiful pearly finish to the inside of it.  I couldn't think of anything that would go better with it than - pearls, of course!  There's a line of natural holes in the shell going up in a curve (you can only see three of them in this photo) and I ran the pearls to follow the same curve.  I'm very happy with the results!

This is a broken conch shell which resembles a flower.  The swirl of shell underneath the top of the shell looks like its stem.  The picture doesn't show it too well but there are lovely blue and white lines throughout the shell, so I added a blue crystal and a white one.  It ended up being quite a unique piece!

I'll eventually get back to working with broken china again.  I have so many pieces that would be beautiful for the summer.  But I just can't seem to resist choosing these unique beach jewels when I sit down to craft some jewelry.


Jersey Smile said...

Wow! You've been busy this vacation! I really like these peices!

Jonara Blu Maui said...

I think these are wonderful additions to your cracked china! The shell with the pearls in it is amazing! You are right..the pearls were the perfect choice. I love your cracked plate stuff..but I think you should continue to experiment with the others as well. You would have a blast getting shells and beach glass from our beaches here on maui!